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Groove To The Music

If your child can’t help but move to the beat, we’ve got a great program for you! Our instructors will choreograph age-appropriate routines, while teaching fun technical skills and tricks.


Class Description

One of the most popular dance forms…a fusion of jazz, ballet and modern dance. Often seen on television shows like So You Think You Can Dance!


Class Description

Spelled ‘theatre’ in England and ‘theater’ in the USA. A form of theater combining music, songs, dance, and spoken dialogue distinguished using popular music. Typically ‘when emotion becomes too strong for speech, you sing; when emotion becomes too strong for song, you dance.’ Dance in the context of story-telling in theater will be explored with an emphasis on performance persona.


Class Description

Often considered street dances that mix with more structured styles such as Jazz. Hip Hop encourages students to use many different stylistic techniques and allows them to interpret moves in varied ways. Fast-paced and challenging, creative, rhythmic talents are emphasized using age-appropriate music.


Class Description

A formalized style of movement started in the courts of Europe. It has established terminology and sets of exercises that are incorporated into barre and then center work. Body placement, posture, balance, flexibility, and coordination are stressed. Training in Ballet is essential to the skilled development of all dance forms.


Class Description

Jazz borrows from Ballet and Modern techniques and develops stylistically. Classes consist of a warm-up, floor stretch, center barre, progressions and center combinations.


Class Description

Rhythmic footwork with specially designed shoes. Its origins are in America, based on the Irish Jig and Clogging. Emphasis is placed on rhythm, style and clarity of sounds. Tap is an excellent way to develop a sense of rhythm, timing and stage presence.