About Us

CCA Staff
Cara Cepruran
Owner, Coach, Instructor
    Carlene Cudney
    All-Star Coach, Gym Problem Solver
      Allyson Huettner
      All-Star Coach, Tumbling Instructor
        Trevor Wisdom
        All-Star Coach, Tumbling Instructor
          Chloe Abrams
          Hip Hop Instructor
            Molly Brown
            Tumbling Instructor


              How do I register for a class?

              Registration can be done at the gym or for your convenience, you can click this link.

              Where can I see the class availability?

              Simply click this link to see the list of classes available. Still have questions? Give us a call: 402-801-1957

              We are looking at cheer but unsure of the commitment?

              At  CCA, we offer three levels of commitment. All levels differ in practice, financial competition, expectations, competing etc. Read about our programs to decide what will be the best fit for you and your family.

              Why should I choose CCA?

              CCA is all about having FUN all while being safe. Our “small-town gym” offers competitive pricing, with USASF certified coaches. You can rest assured that your athlete will be introduced to the best coaching, as well as becoming a part of the CCA family.

              What do the different cheer levels mean?

              Cheer levels are set up and governed by the United States All-Star Federation (USASF).  When All-Star first began there were no levels. Team A competed against Team B, because there were minimal rules and vastly fewer teams.  Now there can be as many as 1,500 teams at an event.  Levels are necessary to differentiate skill level in all aspects of All-Star, mostly pertaining to tumbling and stunting.  Below is a small list of tumbling and stunting skills that may be seen in each level.

              LEVEL 1

              Cartwheels, round-offs, forward and backward rolls, front and back walkovers, knee and waist level single-leg stunts, two-footed shoulder level stunts and cradles.

              LEVEL 2

              Back handsprings, front handsprings, Level 1 tumbling connected to a handspring, shoulder level single-leg stunts, extended 2-footed stunts, half-twisting mounts, barrels rolls, straight basket toss.

              LEVEL 3

              Running tucks, standing series back handsprings, jumps connected with back handsprings, full-twisting mounts to shoulder level, full-twisting dismounts, extended single-leg stunts.

              LEVEL 4

              Standing tucks, running layouts, full-twisting mounts to an extended two-footed stunt, double-twisting dismounts, from two-footed stunts and single-leg release moves.

              LEVEL 5

              Standing tumbling to full/double, running tumbling to full/double full, full, 1.5, and double

              How do you determine what class my child will be placed in?

              Our staff will help you determine what class is best suited for your child through a very quick evaluation.  If your child is new to our sport our FUNdamentals classes are a great way to start.